Pumpkins - Unit Starter

Eleven activities that will help you get a head start on a pumpkin unit.


  1. Pumpkin Facts Cards (includes word bank)
  2. Pumpkin Observation Sheet
  3. Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini Booklet
    • 1 labeled copy
    • 1 blank copy
    • instructions on how to fold the booklet
  4. Pumpkin Poem - copy work
  5. 16 Word Cards - pumpkin related
  6. Five Little Pumpkins Poem - memory work
  7. Spice Wheel - 4 spices that are in pumpkin pie
  8. Follow direction booklet - 7 simple commands (i.e. Color the largest pumpkin.)
  9. Pumpkin Pin Poke or Cutting Shapes (prints 4 per page)
  10. Pumpkin Word Search- 9 words, for beginners
  11. Pumpkin Pie Play dough Recipe (not edible) - make some to use, send recipe home
This file is in PDF format.

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