Frogs - Unit Starter

Twelve activities that will help you get a head start on a frog unit.


  1. Frog Facts (includes a word bank, can be made into a booklet)
  2. Frog Observation sheet
  3. Frog Life Cycle Mini Booklets (one labeled, one blank)
  4. Frog Poem - copy work
  5. Word Cards (16 words)
  6. Sentence and Picture Cards (8 phonetic sentences)
  7. Frog Word Search
  8. Frog Pin-Poking/Cutting Shapes (4)
  9. Frog Math (Counting flies for lunch)
  10. 5 types of frog feet & their purpose (picture cards)
  11. 6 types of frogs & toads (labeled pictures)
  12. Frog & Toad Venn Diagram (fully labeled & blank)
This file is in PDF format.

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