Skeleton Nomenclature - Cards (red)

Skeleton Nomenclature Cards are formatted in 3-part cards and include a blackline master. The 25 parts of the human skeleton: cranium, mandible, sternum, ribs, sacrum, tibia, fibula, femur, patella, clavicle, humerus, radius, ulna, metatarsals, tarsals, phalanges (toes), carpals, metacarpals, phalanges (fingers), ischium, symphysis pubis, ilium, scapula, coccyx, and vertebrates. The individual parts are highlighted in red.

  • 25 cards with labels
  • 25 cards without labels
  • 25 labels
  • 1 blackline master

After the children have learned the individual parts, they can create their own booklet by coloring and labeling the blackline master.

Cards with labels are approx. 7¼" x 5", cards without labels are approx. 1" shorter. 

This file is in PDF format.

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