Safari TOOB Cards Bundle

This bundle includes 43 sets of Safari TOOB Cards (as listed below). Each set of Safari TOOB Cards matches the figures included in each TOOB. The contents of each file can be viewed here

    The file includes cards in single card format (pictures with labels) and a 3-part card format (pictures with labels, pictures without labels, and labels) for each. Two styles of cards are included, as well as 11 suggestions for the use of the cards.

    Includes 1 set with lowercase letters and 1 set with capitals.

    Cards with labels are approx. 3¾" x 4½", cards without labels are approx. ¾" shorter.

    Includes: Antarctica, Arctic, Around The World, Backyard Birds, Big Cats, Butterflies, Cave Dwellers, Coral Reef, Desert, Dogs, Domestic Cats, Down On The Farm, Endangered Species (Land), Endangered Species (Marine), Exotic Birds, Farm, Flowers, Frogs and Turtles, Fruits and Vegetables, Galapagos, Great Lakes, Horses, In The Sky, In The Water, In The Woods, Insects, Monkeys and Apes, Musical Instruments, Nature, North American Wildlife, Ocean, On The Road, Pacific, Penguins, Pets, Rainforest, River, Sharks, The Land Down Under, Venomous Creatures, Whales and Dolphins, Wild, World Landmarks.

    To view the contents of each material, visit our Safari TOOB Cards section.

    All files are in PDF format. The download is a zip file you must 'unzip' before using the individual PDFs.

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