Math Extensions Bundle

This bundle includes 18 materials for math extension lessons. These Montessori math extension lessons allow children to continue working with the Montessori math materials they are already familiar with. These materials extend the use of the math materials or extend the concepts in a more abstract manner.


  1. 0 to 10 Quantity Matching
  2. 1 to 100 Math Series
  3. Bead Chain Paper
  4. Clock Series
  5. Colored Beads Control Chart & Masters
  6. Cube Chain Labels
  7. Fraction Cards & Labels
  8. Golden Beads Control Chart & Masters
  9. Golden Bead Task Cards
  10. Number Bingo
  11. Number Rods Control Chart, Blackline Masters & Number Cards
  12. Place Value Cards - Golden Beads
  13. Roman Numerals & Chart
  14. Square Chain Labels
  15. Square Chain Worksheets
  16. Teen Boards, Beads & Worksheets
  17. Ten Boards, Beads & Worksheets
  18. Time Cards

To view the contents of each material, please visit our Math Extensions section.

All files are in PDF format. The download is a zip file you must 'unzip' before using the individual PDFs.

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