Types of Leaf Shapes & Leaves

Identify, sort, and classify leaf shapes. Check the classification using the control chart.

This set includes 18 leaf shapes from the botany cabinet and 2 photographic images of leaves for each leaf shape.

Leaf shapes included: orbiculate, linear, deltoid, ovate, lanceolate, elliptical, obovate, reniform, spatulate, obcordate, sagittate, hastate, cordate, acerose (aciculate), cuneate, peltate, fan-shaped, and oblong.

  • 18 leaf shapes with labels
  • 18 leaf shapes without labels
  • 18 labels
  • 36 photographic leaves with labels
  • 36 photographic leaves without labels
  • 36 labels
  • 2 control charts

Cards are approx. 3½" x 3½", control chart is 8½" x 11" (one for acerose and one for aciculate).

This file is in PDF format.

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